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Carmel Valley Swirls  & Encinitas Swirls offer the most delicious, healthy, Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Available. Our strict adherence to our “Stay Fresh” policies allows us to offer you the the freshest variety of yogurt and toppings for your enjoyment.

Del Mar resident makes Carmel Valley Swirls  & Encinitas Swirls a sweet, simple sensation by Matt Liebowitz
It didn’t take extensive advertising or gimmicks to make Carmel Valley Swirls  & Encinitas Swirls a sweet success.

In fact, President Evan Wilensky, a 2002 Torrey Pines High School graduate, didn’t even need a fancy grand opening to attract hordes of customers to his new self-serve frozen yogurt shop, located at 2683 Via de la Valle (near Albertsons).

On Nov. 18, one day after opening its doors, word had already gotten out.

“It was standing room only,” recalled Wilensky, sitting in one of five immaculately clean inside tables, beneath a flat-screen TV showing surf videos. “They were lined up outside. People love the product—it’s a craze.” … read more

Did You Know…
A study published in Obesity Research suggests that calcium’s weight loss benefits extend to adults as well. If you’re trying to lose weight, especially around the midsection, eating more calcium-rich foods, especially low fat dairy foods.